Funder and Ethos

Together, we are social problem-solvers

Inspiring Scotland strives for a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage. We work with people, their communities, charities and public bodies to develop solutions to some of the deepest social problems.  We help essential charities to become extraordinary charities, allowing them to change the lives of the most vulnerable and transform our society.


We believe in the strength of people and communities.

Through Link Up, people living in some of Scotland’s most deprived communities are working together to end generations of disadvantage and stop the cycle of poverty.


We do not accept the status quo.

We want to improve the lives of people living in Scotland’s most deprived communities and end, once and for all, the disparity of opportunity that continues to exist in too many of our cities and towns. Link Up is bringing people together to make this happen in their own communities.

Link Up was established in 2012 without a set model or framework, just the premise that the ingredients for lasting change already lie in our communities in the shape of the passion, strengths, skills, knowledge and interests of local people, and when people are connected and energised, radical change can and does happen.

Our Link Up workers are embedded in the community and work directly with local people to harness these existing resources. The community establishes activities that local people want to take part in and help run.

But these are not just activities; they help people to build relationships with their fellow residents, creating new social connections where they look out for each other.

They create positive and caring environments, giving people the confidence and skills to effect positive change for themselves, their family and the community they live in.

Because Link Up is for the community, by the community and takes the time to work with anyone in the community, it can engage the most marginalised and vulnerable people who have for so long been left behind.

By connecting people, championing ability, inspiring and encouraging ideas, and by listening to people in the community, Link Up breeds confidence and self-belief. It gives people choices and helps them create their own opportunities. It allows them to rediscover a sense of purpose and find their own way to a happier life. And that is how we put an end to poverty and disadvantage in Scotland’s communities.


Link Up is part of Inspiring Scotland, Scottish Charity Number SC039605


 Registered Scottish Charity Number SC016816