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Craigmillar Castle

The story of Craigmillar Castle starts in 1374 when King Robert II granted to Sir Simon Preston the right to the lands of Craigmillar. The Prestons were an important local family and several of the family were at times sheriffs of Edinburgh. In exchange for the lands, the Prestons had to provide an archer for the king’s army whenever he needed one. Continue reading

Art Club

“I loved the art class so much and learnt a lot. I’ve ended up getting new materials and sketch pads and at Christmas I decided to draw everyone’s house as their Christmas card to practice, instead of just sending the usual cards from the shop”. – Art group member Continue reading

Tapestry Group

“It has to be the community that is doing it, through learning the stories, and actually joining in themselves. Through this you feel you’ve actually impacted on something in your community and you know you’ve done that. It didn’t feel like that at the time because you just turned up and had a chat, but now seeing it in the frame, up at school, it looks amazing. When my daughter goes to high school, she can say I stitched that, so it’s really nice it will be in the community for a long time”. – Tapestry group member Continue reading